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the Equine Photography Academy Masterclass

I never let myself dream of a career as a photographer, let alone an Equine Photographer! It was an unattainable dream so I never let myself explore the possibilities.

At the very end of 2020, I finally gave into my heart's desire and let myself dream. At the time, I didn't have much of a plan: just the drive to pursue something I was passionate about and the desire to succeed.

After creating an Instagram account for my newly created photography business, I came across Cassidy Bock of Cassidy Brooke Photography. She was about ready to launch her first ever Black Background Masterclass and I knew I needed in!



Cassidy's Black Background Masterclass was EXACTLY that! A MASTER class! It took my black backgrounds from "looks great" to "WOW! That looks amazing!" And not only that, the techniques and workflow she uses herself and teaches in the course really streamlined things for me. Cassidy's mix of prerecorded trainings, live trainings, and willingness to answer any questions in the exclusive Facebook group make her an absolute gem of a mentor! This course was worth every penny...and that was before she expanded and created The Equine Photography Academy!

The Equine Photography Academy courses are transformational!

Because of the courses, I am able to show up to any session with the confidence I need to be able to work with any lighting and pose my horses and riders. I have confidently added video to the services I provide my clients. And I am equipped to work with brands to provide a product they can utilize to increase their revenue stream. My business would not have grown to what it is now in such a short amount of time without these courses!

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