3 Reasons you should hire an

equine Photographer

You have been dying to have some pictures taken of you and your special horse, but something more than just on your iphone. Your iphone just won't do the trick this time. Or maybe you want to capture the work of art that is your horse to display in your home, or maybe you need advertising photos to sell or promote your horse. Whatever the reason may be, I would give the same piece of advice: DO NOT hire just any photographer. Keep reading to find out why.

We are horse lovers, therefore we know the bond

Most Equine Photographers started out as horse lovers, loving their very own horse. For me, my love of horses started at a very young age. I grew up showing western pleasure and had a very special horse who I wish I had more special photos of. My love of photography started in my teens, and eventually my two loves melted together. But it is because of the bond I had with my horse that I understand exactly how you feel about your horse. I always strive to capture those special feelings for you to cherish forever.

We Know Horse Confirmation

If you are going to have a professional photographer take your picture, you expect that they will take pictures at the most flattering angles to help you look your best. The same goes for your horse. If you are going to include your horse in your professional photos, you want your horse to look their best. Equine photographers know what angles to take pictures from in order to make the horse look their best. We know what looks good and we know what looks REALLY bad. We know how to safely work with the horse to get them into the right position and how to get their attention so that look like pretty unicorns instead of stubborn donkeys (no offense to actual donkeys). Another key point that really helps your horse look their best is the kind of lens that is used to take the photos. We are aware of which lenses to use and which to avoid when photographing horses. This is obviously a fairly easy fix and can be learned quickly, but being able to work with horses doesn't happen overnight.

We know how to read a horse

Horses are large, unpredictable creatures. Don't get me wrong, we are not psychic, but years of horse experience have taught us how to read horse behavior and body language and know how to safely behave around them. It isn't only important that a photographer understand and read ears, hind legs, head carriage, eyes, tail, and entire body in order to get those beautiful photos you will want to hang on your wall, but also to help keep you and your horse safe. We cannot predict and avoid every outcome or situation, but we certainly try to be as safe as possible.

I hope this helps you in your decision of what kind of photographer to hire. Check out my blog post here, giving tips for a smooth family photo session WITH horses.