Caddy Tack - Mule Tape Tack - Branding Photoshoot

Jessica Howes, founder and owner of Caddy Tack, and I collaborated for our giveaway back in February and did this fun little branding shoot for her new business. Jessica founded Caddy Tack after making mule tape halters to give to her friends as gifts or for her own horses. One day a good friend of hers suggested that she should open her own tack shop with her creations (along side her other business...she wears many hats!). But, she took her advice and started selling her items online. She grew to add her own personal twist to her halter creations and then learned how to make other tack such as breast collars and headstalls.

"I love that Caddy Tack allows me to be creative and artsy. I aspire to make durable tack with a classic twist," Jessica noted.

Her tack is sold online at In the future she will be renting booth space at big events!

I love that the “Caddy Tack” name was inspired by her horse Leeroy. His old barn name before she purchased him was “Caddy.” Each of Jessica's businesses have been inspired by a special horses that she has been blessed enough to own.