Dr. Amanda Plunkett + Tuf + Yogi

I have been so excited to write this post about my favorite sister (yes, my only sister, but still my favorite!), Dr. Amanda Plunkett, DVM, her horse Tuf and certified partner in crime, Yogi.

I have obviously known Amanda my whole entire life. She is 3.5 years younger than me, and one of the most driven women I have ever known. Like many younger siblings, she wanted to do everything I did, and more! For as long as I can remember Amanda wanted to be a veterinarian.

After graduating high school she went to UC Davis for her undergraduate degree in Animal Science & Management where she was also active with the livestock units and a member of the collegiate livestock judging team.

She remained at UC Davis to complete a masters degree in Animal Biology and then attended UC Davis for veterinary school, graduating in 2014. After graduating, she completed a one-year surgery and medicine internship at Comstock Equine Hospital and was then accepted to the equine surgery and lameness residency at Oklahoma State University.

After completing her surgery residency, Amanda took a position at Great Basin Hospital in Gardnerville, NV for 2 years, which was wonderful because she was able to drive "home" on the weekends she wasn't on call to spend time with our family, my kids, and her significant other Andrew, who was finishing up his residency in equine internal medicine at UC Davis, before they moved to Texas where they both took positions at Brazos Valley Equine Hospitals out of Stephenville, TX, to pursue their career goals.

Amanda is an equine surgeon with interests in emergency medicine, sports medicine, wound care and general, soft tissue, orthopedic and minimally invasive surgeries. The kind of commitment and perseverance that someone has to have to be able to do all of that is nothing short of amazing and I hope that she knows just how proud her family and friends are of her accomplishments. Her love for horses and her desire to help heal them and perform to the best of their ability has been a huge driving force. Like me, Amanda grew up on our family's 40 acre ranch raising and showing horses, sheep and cattle. Her love for horses was bred into her. 

By her side for the last 10 years has been her mini dachshund Yogi. She got him as a puppy in the fall of her second year of vet school. He will be 10 in June! Yogi goes everywhere with Amanda. Seriously. To see her without Yogi is odd. My kids have never known Auntie without Yogi. He loves to hike and explore with his nose down and tail up! His favorite pass time includes burrowing into blankets and watching baseball (San Francisco Giants, of course!). And, he loves to sleep and chew bones. I have always told her Yogi needs to have his own book series, The Adventures of Yogi Dog. She could be a children's book author in her spare time!

Her horse Tuffy's Lil Tuff (Tuf) was born on our family's ranch in 2017. He is out of our mom's favorite mare, the late Straight From Sickum (Tuffy) and by our friend's stallion, the late Olenas Holey Sox. Right now Tuf hangs out with his older brother Buster, but once Amanda and Andrew are more settled, he will make the trip to Texas to live with them.

You wouldn't know it by looking at these photos, but I had to twist her arm a little to get her to let me take them. A girl with this much passion for horses (and Yogi) needs to have these memories captured; to feel beautiful in her element, which is most definitely outside with her horse and dog. So, while she was out in California for a few short days in February, we did a little photo shoot. Amanda loves taking pictures of Tuf, Yogi and her daily activities...but posing in front of the camera is probably one of her least favorite things, but I know that she does not regret doing this now!

Love and miss you, sis!