Equine Mastermind Workshop and Styled photoshoots, Scottsdale, AZ

When I started my journey at the very beginning of 2021 as an Equine Photographer, I never dreamed that my journey would be this magical. Not only have I had the opportunity to capture some of the most beautiful horses and humans, the friendships I have made along the way have been the thing that I treasure the most.

When six women, who have never met each other in person before, come together from all over the United States and Canada to learn and grow and SUPPORT each other, it is nothing short of magical! I will forever remember this trip and the memories that were made here.

Wherever you are on your journey as a photographer, or any entrepreneur, don't be afraid to get outside of your comfort zone in order to grow. You won't regret it!

Below are just a few of my favorites from the 3 day workshop and style shoots hosted by these two amazing women: Cassidy Bock (Cassidy Brooke Photography) and Kirsten Ziegler (Kirsten Ziegler Photography). October 2021 in Scottsdale, AZ.