Madeleine + Jewel

I had the opportunity recently to capture the love between Madeleine and her sweet little Mustang Jewel.

Madi has had Jewel for over 7 years now. She is an Applewhite Mustang born in 2008. She was captured on October 15, 2009 in Nevada. She is now one of the Napa County Sheriff's Mounted Posse horses. Jewel loves to be out on the trail or letting Madi's niece ride her around the arena.

We were limited on time the day of our shoot because Madi had to leave for work, but we were still able to get some beautiful photos. The love between the two is tangible in these. Jewel is so blessed to have found Madi, but I know that Madi is the one who feels blessed to have found Jewel. I look forward to seeing them both again in the future!

Madi was so kind to share this picture with me of Jewel ready to ride for the Sheriff's Posse.