Here is a recap from the Western Content Retreat, held in eastern Washington (Moses Lake, Ancient Lakes, and Soap Lake) and hosted by Jeni Jo Photography & myself. Some statistics of our 3-day event - 10 human models, 14 horse models, 1 cow model, and 20 outfits over the course of 4 shoots/locations. We had an incredible weekend capturing a ton of western content featuring gorgeous models, and beautiful horses with 7 other photographers from all over the country. I can't even pick a favorite location/shoot from this weekend - some of my favorite images were my silhouettes of course because if you know me, you know I have a soft spot for silhouettes.

We loved being able to include a few special brands contributed clothing and accessories throughout the weekend and owe them a huge thank you - Haala Denim, Pro Hats, Stackhouse Silver, The White Buffalo, American Bonfire Co., and Mercy Grey Design, and Horse Guard for donating horse treats for the gift bags!

A huge thank you to Zach, Jesyka, Katy, Anika, Naomi, Maggie, Jessica, Alexis, Soli, Stacey, Kaytee, Samuel, Chloe, Elise, and Eric (who also took a ton of behind-the-scenes for us and impromptu modeled for us!). Leah and Jeni's mom took so much time out of their busy lives to help with a ton of behind-the-scenes stuff as well!