Kayla Farmer + she says adios

This mini session of Kayla and her APHA mare, She Says Adios (Adios) was so special. The relationship that Kayla and Adios share is one of the many reasons I LOVE capturing horses and their humans and helping to tell their stories.

Kayla is 34 years old and hadn't had a horse since she was in high school. She got Adios July 10, 2020, and she happens to be the great granddaughter of her first barrel horse, Haley. She also completed on Adios' grandmother, Matilda, during her high school years.

Kayla focuses a lot on natural horsemanship, primarily Parelli.

When I asked Kayla about her relationship with Adios, she said, "She is the light of my life and my therapist even though she presses all my buttons! I can't believe I went almost 15 years without my own pony and I will never be without again!"