don't panic!

If you are anything like me, one of the first things I think when I book mine or my family's photo sessions is, "I have NO idea what I am going to wear!" But, don't panic, I am here to help.

Don't go shopping yet! You might only have to go as far as your own closet! Pull out some of your favorite pieces and maybe even some pieces that you haven’t worn in forever. Give yourself some options: bright pieces, some neutral pieces, layers, and lots of jewelry. You want to choose something that fits your style & personality. All of my session packages include a minimum of two outfit changes, so you may decide to have one fancier outfit and one that is more casual and fun. I recommend searching through Pinterest to get a sense of what types of outfits you are attracted to and that photograph well.

Consider everything when choosing what to wear. Think about where our session will be... are we going to be in a field with lots of oak trees? Are we going to the beach with lots of tan colors? The mountains with a lot of greenery? Please feel free to send me photos of all the outfits you're thinking of wearing. I love helping people plan every detail (if they want) and can definitely make suggestions whether something will work better than another. But the most important thing is to feel comfortable and confident in your clothing.

You may decide to use these images as décor in your home in the form of prints, wall canvas galleries, or a photo album, so this is important to keep in mind as you plan your outfits, locations, and poses.

If Mom looks good, everyone looks good, right?! For family sessions, my number one recommendation is for Mom to pick her outfit first and build everyone else's outfits onto that.

The cardinal rule used to be NOT to mix florals and prints. But I say, GO FOR IT! As long as the colors tie in and you don't go too excessive one way or another, you can absolutely mix some plaid print in with one or two floral pieces.

My recommendations

SAY yes to:

*comfortable clothes
*anything that makes you feel beautiful and confident
*subtle textures like lace and tulle
*neutral color schemes
*muted tones
*simple is better!
*layers & accessories


say no to:

*super formal clothes
*distracting/trendy patterns
*casual t-shirts with slogans
*neon or saturated colors
*hair ties around your wrist
*phones in your back pocket
*sunglasses or dark shades


If you feel stuck, I am happy to offer suggestions! I also have a collection of statement pieces and other accessories in my "client closet" available to borrow for your session. Sometimes it is nice to add a new accessory without having to purchase it.

a few of the pieces currently in the LAPP Client CLoset

shaggy jacket in ivory

Floppy hat

Fedora Hat

burgundy pleated maxi dress

Size Small - very stretchy material

Velvet Wrap Dress in Spice

Size Small

Mustard Flowy Dress

Size Small - Fits most sizes 4-6

Ivory Off-the-shoulder Lace Maxi Dress

Size Small

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to me via text or email. I cannot wait to get started! I hope you are looking forward to this session as much as I am! :)